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Sell To a 3rd party via Auction Process

By going through the following process Exit IQ has increased the odds of a successful close to 90% vs 20-30% industry wide. 

  1.  Exit IQ produces a comprehensive analysis to identify all the strengths, weaknesses, risks, and gaps that exist that are typically included in a sophisticated buyer’s due diligence prior to purchase.

  2. We work with you to strengthen weaknesses, eliminate risks and gaps and grow your business.

  3. Through our national data base of Investment Bankers/Brokers, we do an in depth due diligence to find the best one to represent your firm.  

  4. Create a controlled auction of many potential buyers. 

  5. Increase the negotiation leverage to close at the highest price. 

  6. Build long term relationships to help clients manage their wealth. 

Sell To a 3rd party via Auction Process: Services
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